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Finding and Using Music Samples

Today’s question: “How do I take a sound I like and turn it into an instrument to use in one of those programs from the first tutorial you did? Do programs map these sound samples to different notes, or do I have to personally modify them and, if so, how?”

Let’s Read Fanfiction: Reader x Cheren

Going through my documents folder today, I uncovered an important digital relic: an unpublished Pokemon fanfiction read-through of a 2013 Reader x Cheren story. I hope you weren’t expecting anything important from me today, because here’s some years-old commentary I made on “Reports” by TheRavenGirl95 on DeviantArt. Today Lenora and I were talking about some […]

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Computer Music Glossary

Have you always wanted to try writing your own music, but don’t even know where to start learning more? This post has all the terminology and basics you need to start your journey into the land of DAWs, MIDIs, and VSTs.

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