3 Lo-Res Indie Point & Clicks Getting Sequels Summer 2014

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Hi-ho! Plaster the brain here, bringing you some sweet recent point and click adventures with expected new chapters slated for Summer 2014! What better way to spend the beach season than getting a sick tan from the dim light of your monitor? Your friends want to invite you to their lake house?  Tell them you’re busy clicking inventory items and trying to use them on everything help me I can’t play video games aaaa


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Genre: Point & Click Engine: Flash Developer: The Game Kitchen

gamezebo quoteFree to play this summer will be the fourth chapter of this exciting low-res horror adventure by Spanish studio The Game Kitchen, and now also available on Steam. Recently “The Last Door” Steam trading cards were also added. You know! So you can marvel at the glorious faceless artwork of the 8-bit characters! I’ll trade you my green-sweatered man for your vaguely-frightened priest.

“The Last Door” is a crowd-funded horror adventure which takes place in the late 19th century. You are Jeremiah Devitt, investigating an old colleague’s untimely death and inadvertently driving to suicide all the people he comes into contact with. I’m glad The Game Kitchen is focusing on a niche market like this because frankly I’m kind of tired of people committing honorable seppuku whenever I ask them to buy my mixtape.

All chapters but the most recently published are free to play online. You can access and download the newest content by donating about $19 towards their development, though if you ask me their estimated budget might be only as high as it is because composer Carlos Viola is making off with a cool $630 a chapter. Good deal.

Speaking of things that aren’t Victorian England, get excited for:


You’ve probably never played anything like “The Journey Down” before… unless you’ve played The Journey Down already, in which case you’ve played something exactly like The Journey Down which happens to be The Journey Down.

Bwana is your average bayside gas station attendant-slash-hydroplane pilot living in nighthawk-esque St. Armando, where the food is good, the nights are long, and the people are sentient Tanzanian mask people. It’s not actually horror but unique and interesting enough to warrant posting here, plus if you squint and tilt your head to the left I guess the masks could look sort of scary.

The Journey Down by Skygoblin

“The Journey Down” was originally a free Adventure Game Studio project started by the Swedish development group Skygoblin, intended as a four-part series. The first chapter, “Over the Edge,” was remastered with 3D graphics two years after its initial release, and with the completion of “Into the Mist” late this year, the series is experiencing a shift towards exclusively commercial distribution. As an aside, it’s probably the most ambitious AGS project ever and has won about eighty bajazillion awards. LOOK AT IT!!

“Over the Edge” is still available in lo-res for free or at your favorite webstore in all its Antfish-voiced, 3D-modeled, bonus-contented glory for $6.99.

While the team begins work for their third release, you can keep up with their devlog at the TIGForums. They are also currently active on most of their social network outlets and seem eager to answer questions and give out Steam keys, so keep your eyes peeled like an ORANGE.

It’s also worth mentioning that purchasing the TJD2 soundtrack generates proceeds towards The Brain Tumor Charity, which is a pretty cool way to handle your original composer being dead, and not in the Lemony Snicket sort of way. The album was released along with an interview with Jamie Salisbury, who has taken over as lead composer.


Genre: Point & Click Engine: Flash Developer: Scriptwelder

Do you like turning into a skeleton?! I’m going to continue like that sentence was a non-sequitor. While lucid dreaming, some(?) guy(??) finds himself lost in a dark realm home to shadow creatures that won’t let him leave, and worst of all, a lot of valves. This is great for people that are afraid of valves. But the puzzles and escape sequences (!!) will keep you entertained even if you aren’t, and will possibly raise your blood pressure, which means you don’t have to exercise! Trust me, I’m a doctor. ;0

“The Deepest Sleep,” by developer Scriptwelder (creator of “A Small Talk at the Back of Beyond”), is the third in the trilogy, and follows “Deep Sleep” and “Deeper Sleep.” Can you detect the naming pattern before you’re turned into a skeleton? (Non-native English speakers, please refer to the footnotes for this crossword answer.¹)

The final episode has two endings based on a MORAL CHOICE-MAKING DECISION and uses mouse movement to determine whether or not you will be eaten alive. You can play it at Gamejolt and check out Scriptwelder’s Twitter h– … my goodness. He’s awfully cute, isn’t he. You should probably follow him on Twitter.

¹ SUPERLATIVES, #17 down.
² Ironically this is more a joke for native English-speakers than it is for non-natives. Oops.



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