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As the child of a woman who saves every receipt in case it’s needed seven years later, I confess I have a nasty (awesome) habit of purging my old stuff. Immediately. Who needs folders for school? The recycling bin is my folder!

Sometimes though I’m not as quick to trash whatever’s not being used, and I have to spend a day ruthlessly sorting through what piles up. Today’s victim was my absurdly large folder series of Mixcraft files. Unfortunately the league of self-taught composers bumbling their way through different techniques is not unlike the league of artists in the same circumstances, in that any project older than two weeks has already become obsolete, having not been introduced to your latest mastering trick/effects chain/shakuhachi soundfont, so relatively few pieces end up making the final cut.

However, while my feeble attempts at “kindness towards others” often leave something to be desired, rest assured I have enough empathy/have suffered enough terrible soundtracks to understand that there is a demographic for whom this collection is in a perpetual state of newness and demand. If you need to, use the following 3-question survey to determine whether you are among this group of people:

  • I had to google “shakuhachi.” y/n
  • MIDIs are suitable as a final product when designing a soundtrack. y/n
  • My only experience with DAWs is sort of noodling around in LMMS or god forbid Audacity. y/n
  • Sickmind. y/n

Acknowledging this, I gathered any short musical loops I had already completed or could assemble from an unfinished piece. The result is the Yume Freebie 2014 collection, comprised of a fairly sizable share of these loops along with some lo-fi sound effects, perfect for your Yume Nikki fangame! Of course you can use them if you’re not making a fangame but then you can’t sit at our lunch table. Though upon reflection I’d advise anyone to stay far away from an Uboachan lunch table if they saw one. Unfortunately by then it would be too late, and you would be the recipient of many a spitball for posting in the wrong board or liking Ib or something.

Let’s check it out!

Download & Information

Though it’s not so voluminous of a folder that it’s difficult to quickly assess the contents¬†(c.f. SampleRadar), you may be wondering what is included in this download. Here are just a few samples from the assortment:

It’s nice to see Tindeck is still overrun by Homestuck uploads, and by “nice” I mean “I’d like to renew my SSRI prescription please.”

The files online here show some CC license variation the website picked out, but since Share Alike sucks I’ll ignore that and tell you what you can do!

  • Use the stuff in your gr8 fangame, commercial or otherwise
  • Show your pals
  • Remix/sample/arrange(?!) the sounds and music

With the understanding that you will not be a general dickweed and, for example, upload this to your Freewebs site and sell it to naive 5th graders, for reasons including but not limited to the fact it’s not even called Freewebs anymore. There’s a readme file that reiterates this, though not in these exact words.

Though I am familiar with the landscape of YN fangames I have little experience in making them or working with RPG Maker, so hopefully either these files work straight off the bat or can be modified accordingly without too much hassle.

What Were These Originally For?

A dumbo octopus NPC, also confirmed dead.

A number of the more Nikki-esque tracks and most if not all the sound effects were for a few fangames friends from Dream Vs. Dream planned to make years ago. In young adult circles, I find composers are often less common than artists, plus artists are scary, so these friends approached me to craft some loops for them. I appreciate this, because the only other thing I have been routinely asked to do is the other end of the spectrum in producing entire 20-minute soundtracks for funsies. I do not care for funsies.

She could be dead, not unlike this skeleton sprite I made for her.

As I understand it, these games never came to fruition. At least that’s what I assume, because one of the authors has vanished entirely, as she is one of those types of friends that one day is watching Dr. Seuss with you and the next day vanishes entirely. I hope I am appealing to common phenomenon here, because I begin to think I am accidentally killing people.

The rest were from either miscellaneous projects of the same nature or attempts to score my own endeavors that failed to achieve the desired effect. Hopefully though you can obtain your desired effect with them! See what I did there that was a nice button to end a blog post.



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Comments (3)

  1. Daniela Kimcitaw Gagliano


    Hey! I really loved your music! I would probably use it for my Vlog Intro and some videos, my vlog will be this : (WIP) Of course I'll give you credit. Can I? =)

    • plasterbrain

      You betcha!!

  2. Ozzi


    >as she is one of those types of friends that one day is watching Dr. Seuss with you and the next day vanishes entirely
    Don't worry friend, you're definitely not alone on this one. Anyway, I know this post is really old, but thank you so much for putting these up! In my short bursts of motivation where I tried to make a Yume Nikki-esque fangame before burning it in a fire, I downloaded these and they sound much better than anything I would ever be able to make.

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