HEY BITCHES!11! wecom 2 da STORY(: I hope u enjoy it I put dis one together wit my own bear hansd.


summery:(: This si a stry abot arin and his true lov pizza. (aOTHER’S NOTE………… i KNOW in the cannon he EEATS the pizz and doesant even DATE it bu t this is mY stoary and I can DO WATEVER THE HELL I WANT!! if u hav a prolem widdit u can talk to my boyfriend who is in a gang and rides motarcicles(: by bitch see u in hell for h8in my story AOTHER’S NOT EDONE) aron fasses a lot of strugles for his tru lov which is da pizza(:. others make fun of him for lovin the piza witch is italean so it is diffrent and racisms wich is EVIL… and also pizzs a gang wit a gun and rides a motarcicle bc he is italean and can’t help his heritage…(:

join ARRON as he gose on his QEUST to solve mstrrious anbd the freedoms that america wer born for(:

this is for an engLISH SCHOOL PROJECT on tolerence so do not h8 and if ur wonder why it’s foir and english school project is becus its an english schoolproject at school dats y(:



“one day was wake up for school. ‘aaron coud not wait to go to school so he had to go there very fastly.. “dont’f orget ur school to go to!! sad” his mom, who was mrs. earon. “thanks mrs. aaron” responded tthat very fastly…

the school bus was LATE for him to school when he was WATING for it!! he pecked himself a lunch and headed out the door thirsty. “im thirsty” he said so he can’t go on the bus right now and has to go back and get his lunch and also a bear. arim was in a gang and road motarcicles so he was aloud to drink bear

hello said “arim’s friend” on the bus who was the bus driver. her name was PLATERBRAN and she was very pretty she had a sharp on and was very sesy he wanted to have sex with her but he can’t be cause he is gonna to love in lovewith the pizza. she had neon strikes of highlites in her raven black hair and straems because rainbows were cool to her and also too me to.(: her shirt was aventure time from the hot topic store which is a really funny show and aslo my favorite show her pants were short shorts that were janes and had shreds on the ends becase they were frayed… also plaser was an artist she arted the mone lisa which was whysh e cold fray her own jeans than pants and was aslo the inventor of pintergram which is a cool place where they do art stuff online my mom has a profile.

“i lov pentergram”” said arimnaeas was walken to the back of the bus thatwa s werer the BLAC k people would sit sometimes but he was a gang too so it was cool.he sat next to willem

willem “hello i am black” he sad he was black but he didnt have a gun so arim could still shake hands with him thankfully he was afe. “bu i am excepting of tolerence all coutures so u can sit on my back the bus (:” said willaem nicely. arim was really muli-couturel so that was y he was allowed to sat with the blak one. i saw a bugs bunny cartoon where they was eatin him but real balck people are nice and don’t are like that unless they have guns wich si scary ):


“i can’t wait for the bus until i forgotted my book report!!” said arim who FORGOTED it. arim remembered to go get it and then he waited for the bus which was late.

“are u ready for a day school” saided arim very NICELYand TOLRENT ly(:

“you are NICE and tolern” said black




“i wont!! said arim AT SCHOOL…

“hello clas i am your teacher jelloapplesae.” he was a green woblby bit and had a nose on the end it was the REAL celebty! he also had pEWdiepie with him brofist haha(:

“hey guys!!” said pewdewpew who wanted to let’s hang out you guys(:; and he brofisted and was nice and tolerance even to the black one. we all brofisted and remembered the funny time on slendeman except NOT the time where the girls died in wiconsin God Bless Love Rest and Peace Baby we love you ): *holds up peace sign* i hop they ind the man who did it an d he ROTS IN HELL!!!!!!1!!!! *anger face* ):< figures it was a black guy

“thanks for tolent” said willem

yes.. “this is my asstent teachr for the day i hope u get tomeet him his name is pewdiepie by the way he is my brother jello sai d stack of papers on his desk\

plater blushed furously and looked at pewdiepie who wlooked at her and also his face was INVADED by blopd risign to the cheeks which was where he was also blushn

“hey!!! brofits” hesaid pewdiepie…

“im platerbrna…” she said her tank top was pink and had a heart in it and showed her breasts wich bounced up and down furously

“do u wanna hang out??(:” he asked meplaterbran giggled and blushed.

“what about….. watch out fr SLENDDMAN!! LOL”

hahaha pewdiepie laughed to.

arim was sittign next to his bff who was chirstrap who was a clown was joker like from the marvel series comics.

“what is!! up bro!!” said christ his skin was white because he was not a ghost….. he was a clown please croll up if u forgot(: everyone was afraid of christrap a lot though because he was gamzee’s litle brother so sometimes he would turn into demon gameze and murder people and no one liked to mess with him. he had a crush on plastrebin and wished he could marry her to take him to him demon castle where he lived with his brother gamzee the Troll and then they could be the queen of aol the clowns but EVEN though he was murder people sometimes he was actually very nice shy shy and sensitive guy(: he was really cute when he blushed too like he was afraid of thunderstorms sometimes so wen those went off he would blush a lot and look realy sexy. so he never got to ask ploaterbran because everyone knew she was the most popular girl at the popular girl table so every other football would already want to ask her and there was always a line so he would have to get it in it and the line or sometimes murder people which he WILLSNT supposed to do arimnose liked him though because he was a really nice and tolerant.

“can i hang out with u guys??” said willem listening to little wayne on his stoln ipod phone trevor i know u stole my fucking fone give it back you lil pussy or i will my boyfriend will beat u he is an a gong and likes to ride motarcicles and sometimes drink bear so ya i bet your running now backt to where u came from which was the SOUTH where that was where Bark Obama was too we all know he’s SOUTHen and NOT from the president like whre he says. Jesus punishes stealers and liers so he will get you and your little obam.

“no” sayed arin.

just then a pizza walked in

“guys this is our new guest principil she will be helping out all the class and saying nice words to so please feel free to teach her with kind and respect which arim was really good at” That wat the teacher said

The pizza blinks furously at arim who was in the back of the class with kristen gamzee (gamzee was the last name of him).

“hello guys” said the pizza her name was Ellie. she had a MLP shirt on with fluttershy who is my favorite its kinda my favorite show so please watch it i’ve uploaded a bunch of hilarious clips to my channel(: my channel is the one in pewdiepie’s favoritesubscriber list it is the one with the fluttershy icon,it is called platserbrian(: if u cant find it MESSGE ME ON DEVIANTART!!! PEACE!!

“ummm do u like her dude??” said lil gamzee who was chris. ‘but she’s the principle dude!!!!! u can’t like her dude because she is an adult and that’s AGAAINST the law lol.’ k

you’re right said arim because his dad was a police men and didn’t want to Break the Law because that would be allegal and then he would go to Jail.

Willem was also their so he turned on his CD for a second so he culd here themb etter. “i well ask her out for you” he said beacuse willem thot Jail wasn’t that scary even tho he been there once he just got a tatoo and it is on his but and it say platerbran

“you have a cool tatto!” said”you have a cool tatoo!!” said chrsi who was calmed down from his murder.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. “don’t you are locking at his BUT??” said Aarn who was WATCHIN the whole time and saw, He didn’t want his BETS FRIEND to accidentally gay, becuase gay people are against the LAW and also iLlegal it says So in the Book of Chrits. Adam and EVE Not Adam and BILLY(: gotcha gay people.

“oh no my dad is a POlie mEN and he will arreast me. I do not want you’re dat to do that” said Christ he was sad because arrest is sad and jail and then he won’t be able to go to college if they knew he was was GAY!! He made a face that look like this: >~< it’s a japanese face so it’s got the squinty eyx don’t turn your head sideways and you will see it!’;

“I am not gay tho so DON’T worry.!” Arim chris. “That’s already I was WORRIED!!!” Willem was still there listenin to his little wyne book because he was didn’t what was going on because tat’s why he got held back a grate. because he was smart. NOT!!!! dreams do NOT exist for the SUPID!!!! iT was every grade he got holdbackk and the principle call him and say” :ring ring I am the principle you got holded back now here is a letter” and he would hand him a letter over the fone and that would say he got helded back to. then Black was said and that was y everyone called him Held Black instead of juts black which was his Regular name. THAT was y we had to held black BACK schools from REGULAR schools because if they weren’t seperit the dum bpeople would infect the GOOD pepole so arim was really tolerent, for not telling his Dad, to switch him schools, wich was he culd do because, he was his Dad, and, a Policemen. Its  BROWN vs. the BORED of EDUCTION, not BROWN vs. BILLY. gotcha black people..

so then they Nodded and gave him the signle which was a thumbs u pfrom Chris but because he was a Troll like from Andrew Hussie’S Web Comic., he had two thumbs so they both thumbsed up at thet same time.

Wellim went up to the pizza dn first he scared her cuz he looked funny but then she was nice and tolerent so she realized that it was just one of Jesus’es many children even though this one he mest up a little(:

WIllem said do you want to go out with Arim. Yes she said. Now it wasn’t illegal so because wilhelm did it so he would get th ilegal sintead.

“Jello saw wat he done so he called the police up real quick bc he was a good citesen and dit wat he was suppost to do. Brinbring he rang up the phone wich was hsi cellphone, itw as green and had a jello on it but a little one and not the big one otherwise that would be TOO big and it EXPLODE the classroom kind of like flubber which was on tv yesterday!!! LOL. if only i had writtin this ten years earlier then i invented flubber(:


hello it was CHULA she was the queen of the polices. “yes peasant” she sand but like the bad lady from the Disney channel movie, Alice in Wondered. Except, jello wasn’t a disney Princess, so it didn’t even work which was y she was mad today. “im mad at u”

then jello sent her a litter threw the fone and it appeared to chula and she reddit it. it said……………………………..

Deer chula, there is a boy at my school who is being illegel. arrest him please and that what it said. chula lookat this letter a lot and intensly and carfullly so she make sure she spell all the words write.

…………………….”ok”…………….. said……………. chula.

then the police throw the fone and onto willem they went with hancuffs it turns out willem was the slendeman murder as well so he was DOUBLE ellegal so they sent him to h-e-double-hockeysticks(:.

i’m glad that’s all justice!!! said chula and she high fived all her polices and brofisted [pewdeipie who probfisted her backwards. “killing people issaid pewdiepie at her.

me too, said chris as he agreed at them. he was glad the murder was in death but also Jail.

then it was time…………… for arim to go out with a pizza



(sorry for l8 updates guys and thank you SOOOO much for the possitive revews(:: it really makes my day!!!!!!!i like how you guysliked the part with the pizza i will try to write more of it in this chapter but no promises guys(: kisses and Jesus be with ya

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<#<3,3<3*hugs you*(:)

btw this is an ACTSHUn chapter so a lot of ACTN happens so if you are not ready please get ready and then thank:



welcome to itaelen resteront said the water to the couple who was dining in love: it was, arim and pizza. the pizza’s name was Pieza which is just pizza but a girl(:

pieza was wearing a top outfit thatw as a halter top with stripes to speak  and a pants that was the shorts made by palsterbrin, who is famous fashion designer because i realy hope to be one some day(: she submited her designs to hollywood and they thout she was cool so they made her a fameous person and that is the story of how she became fameous.

“i love you ellie,” said arim who was blusing and looked sexy but not as sexy ans christ when he blushe witch is sexy onless he is giong to murder ppl then it is really hott because it is like in Nartuo the Ninja Series.Like my boyfriend which is the Akatski he is my favorite sexiest character(: i hope to write a fanfiction about him soon!!


“OH NO!!” screameded pieza at the top of her longs

“OH!!! NO!!! DO NOT MURDER PIEZA!!!” SCREAMED ARIM!!!!!!!! pieza protected pizzaarm at al costs so he wented in front of her like bred on butter and he pushed his arms out protecshun like so she was safe from the spy and posibly goblins.


WAITER!!1 they asked him it was Aza adn she appeaed very fastly it aws Aza but she was an Itelan.and they here very fastly which is why she showed up. but she was STOIC

“yes………………. i……………..will………… do it.” said aza. really fastly. her hair blows in the wind it is raven black and her eyes are purple but also italy


“your………… dinner………… is…………. ready!!!!!!!” said aza as a really good hero cleverpun that she used before she ninjas the bad guys which was keenarnor in this chapter.


“how……….. do……….”hair blow wind”we………. get……….. him……… down…….. that……..was……….your……… DINNER PIZZA!” but aza dint no da answeer and also nethier did chris or arim or piez or the spy or jello or pewdiepie or willem or chula or the jail or arims dad who was police guy or slendman or slendman which was willem or other polise guys or pizza when she was in her principal and plasterbran but plastban new.

then arim wen t supersaiyan mode and uused his telepathy to make keenarnor FALL down. which he DID from, the SKYY\

“oh bbaby” said pizza who was really turned on by how hot is he is but not as hott as chris alslo my boyfrined has a motarcicle. tghen she had a was pregnant with a baby but was it his…….? we dont now

“now its’ time to figure out who the REAL villin is decided arim very fastly, who used his telpathy to take of the face from mask keenarnror’s face.

the spy was…………………………..

[email protected]!

“oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” saided ALL OF THEM FASTLY! they were SHOCKED at this WORDS that i just WRITTED ABOVE!! go back and read them if you are NOT SHOCKED because u probly missed them sometimes when i’m reding i get bored because i think wat if they are gay and i make a hetalia fanfiction about them and then i dont read and its the end of the story and i get confused………….. but thats ok

“if u hadn’t BIN” here “we would have DIED” asid Pizza but MOSTLY only you.

“that’s right” arim

aza hair bloed in the wind…

“it looks like… our detsiny awaits us” becose the sun was setting down as it rose from the sky they watched it from where they were by the ocaen part.

“but its not as… butiful as you” sid arim to pizza who blusehd and giggled. The two of them leaned in to give a kis to the other 1 but, it aws to late they leaned in to much and now they were only making sex

“don’t forget your BOOK REPOT SWEATY!” said Mrs. aarn which was a good thing because he had almost left for SCHOOL!




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