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  1. My Boyfriend: The Game ❤ Part 2

    Dude tries to make up for missing last night’s date, and Vanessa gives Stanley some business advice. Meanwhile, a thief is loose on the island. Will we discover their identity before it’s too late? Can Stanley escape the rising tides of poverty, and overcome her cereal bar addiction?

  2. My Boyfriend: The Game ❤ Part 1

    Stanley and Vanessa have been besties since fourth grade, and now they’re going on their first vacation without parents EVER! Though Vanessa’s hidden feelings for Stanley continue to grow, Stanley has other plans, and tries to score a date with the local surf shop loiterer, Dude. Also, something about pets! I’m not really sure.

  3. Let’s Make Bad Decisions in The Path (Plus: Contradiction!)

    Putting aside the enigma of why game form is challenged while books can be books and films can be films, not everyone takes equally well to the game genre with no apparent goal but to encounter novel stimuli, a phenomenon which is usually a logical and implicit side effect of most games. Picture Yume Nikki, only 3D, with six main characters and one central location, a large forest with randomly generated layout.

  4. It’s OK If You Killed Everyone in Undertale

    Death in gaming is usually commonplace, and not just in explicitly violent titles like Call of Duty. Even most Nintendo protagonists send their enemies to the void. When Undertale gives us the chance to circumvent this behavior, are those in the minority who choose to kill regardless really morally reprehensible, compared to the many players who took this unique opportunity?

  5. Wikitables and Infoboxes for Mediawiki

    An infobox is the helpful section of quick information about the subject of your wiki page usually shown in the top-right corner. Perhaps you’d like to try Wikia infoboxes on your own wiki, but you’re not sure how to get started. If you try perusing the source code of an existing infobox, especially one with inline styles, it probably looks like incomprehensible garbage. Don’t worry! Coding a basic infobox in wiki markup is as easy as 1-2-table! Edit: Now only valid for Mediawiki, not Wikia. I am cry.