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The small visual media studio Klepon Production released an otome game in 2013 based on the Indonesian Mahabharata called “Nacira.” You play a young dancer named Nacira Basita who has been invited as a temporary substitute for the Nirwasita Kingdom’s royal dancer at the crowning ceremony. Upon arriving, she forges a friendship with five eccentric princes and must discover which among them was the lover of the former dancer, who mysteriously disappeared several months back.

I appreciate this game for cheering me up during the previous two sleepness nights of returning to college, and I think you will too, regardless of your circadian circumstances. It’s always nice to take a break from the standard fare of Japanese otomes and Western pseudo-Japanese otomes in favor of Oceanian pseudo-Japanese otomes, and while you may not come out of the experience incredibly culture-savvy, you will at least know what klepon is. Impress your friends at parties.

Unfortunately this is one of those cool games which remains unintentionally vague about what sort of input is required for the different endings. Here’s a walkthrough/synopsis/FAQ for the game in case you’re curious, or perhaps you’ve gotten one ending but are too busy to play for the rest because your time = precious benjamins rupiahs. Just don’t search the title by itself on Tumblr because it’s one of the many enigmatic Tumblr keywords for nude posts. Alternatively, if you are into women and have stumbled on this otome walkthrough by accident, search the title by itself on Tumblr because it’s one of the many enigmatic Tumblr keywords for nude posts.



“Nacira” has 6 endings. There’s one for each prince as well as a general path. The developer doesn’t officially categorize endings as good or bad, though I have done so based on the result of the Nyikara plot, where Nacira ends up, and the overall happiness of all the characters. Truly there is only one ending that is arguably bad for Nacira, while the rest could be seen as equally good. Endings are listed “best” to “worst.”

Every path has includes at least 7 CGs. Each prince gets one chibi event image no matter whom Nacira ends up with; you’ll get one of two detailed CG variations for her dance, depending on the path, and a final monochrome image exclusive to that ending. However, only three will be unlocked in the gallery for the completion of each ending.

Spoilers ahead!

Age: 20 Height: 5’3 Weight: 99 lbs

Before arriving at the castle, Nacira lived with her grandmother, who taught her many things and took care of her after the departure of her parents. She is an outspoken young woman who relies on her momentary intuition to solve problems. She is a skilled dancer but notoriously terrible at cooking.

Here’s the thing — you are not given a list of options when Arjuna asks you for your answer. Instead, Nacira’s answer is based on how many “points” she scored with each character. About half the endings can be earned intentionally by asking everyone about the same person, but some of them require additional work. The game doesn’t branch very much so you’ll get the same story regardless of your choices in most cases, but some decisions generate points.

Nacira only ends up with a prince romantically for certain in two of the endings, but of these only one is actually romantic by the end of the story. In two others her relationship with the token character is left open to interpretation, and for the final two she enjoys a platonic friendship with all the brothers.

The format of each ending guide is as follows: unlocked CGs, other CGs in this route, ending summary, investigation guide, and suggestions for the ancillary choices. Listed are the easiest investigation combinations, though endings can be unlocked through other permutations as well. Remember you can skip seen text with tab.

Golden End: Guess right — Everyone


Age: 24 Height: 4’10 Weight: 75 lbs


The beautiful and unanimously loved royal dancer, Nyikara was a friend and mentor to the five princes before her untimely disappearance. She has a great love for all things, and in addition to dancing is especially talented at cooking, first aid, and poetry. No, I don’t know how to pronounce it either.

x1 Detailed CG of Nacira dancing alone

x1 Detailed CG of Nacira and Nyikara dancing

x1 Ending CG of the women enjoying the tower view


This is the only ending wherein the contents of the box are not solely mementos from Puntadewa. When Nacira guesses that the box belongs to all of the brothers equally, each finds an item personal to them inside. There’s no fight between them. Though Arjuna was not expecting this answer, he rewards her regardless with permission to visit the tall tower.

Nacira heads there immediately and is surprised to discover at the top a bedroom where the former royal dancer has been in hiding. They have tea, and Nyikara shares some of her poetry, specifically the same lines she wrote in the love letter. She confirms that the “sun” in her poem is the five Pandawas, and that she loves them all. Nyikara asked the king to be stowed away because of this love. Nacira doesn’t protest her decision and promises to visit again soon.

The game cuts to the day of the ceremony, where Nacira has a brief though intimate conversation each of the brothers. She asks Puntadewa if he wishes Nyikara would appear at the ceremony, as indeed the two women have planned for her to make a surprise appearance so they can dance together. Afterwards, she returns clandestinely to her room in the tower. Puntadewa and his brothers no longer have to worry about the prospect of her being dead, nor about competing for her affections, and seem content with her choice.

Werkudara doesn’t go on his journey. The next morning, Nacira receives a letter from the Prime Minister offering employment as official royal dancer. She accepts the position, and Nyikara is the first to know about it, as the two are now good friends.


You have to get an equal amount of points for all the brothers. Ask each brother about himself and


Make all the passive decisions:

  • I shouldn’t be involved in this
  • Everything feels alright to me.
  • I will rest a little bit.
  • Go straight to the kitchen.
  • Keep calm…
  • Like I care…
  • Talk about weather.
  • He’s telling me the truth.
  • Talk about the surroundings.
  • Something bad?
  • Maybe if I ask him nicely…
  • I’m still scared.
  • Keep the special mission hidden.
  • It’s none of my bussiness [sic].
  • I will hide myself.
  • Pretend that he was lying.
  • Follow him.
  • Have some random talk first.
  • I cannot tell him the truth.

When prompted to go after someone at the end, pick Arjuna or Werkudara. If you save at this choice you can also return here to quickly get Puntadewa’s, Nakula’s, and Sadewa’s endings by selecting them instead.

Good End #1: Guess right — Puntadewa


Age: 28 Height: 5’10 Weight: 145 lbs

The eldest brother and next in line to rule the kingdom, Puntadewa is an avid reader and cares deeply for his people. This prince dislikes having to act too formal in the company of his brothers and friends, but he’s responsible and honest — albeit a little stubborn!

x1 Chibi CG of Puntadewa reading at the table

x1 Chibi CG of Puntadewa holding Nacira’s hands

x1 Ending CG of Nacira confessing at the library


Nacira correctly guesses the box belongs to Puntadewa. The situation is awkward for the brothers, who leave in turn, Arjuna taking Nacira with him, so that Puntadewa is left alone. She realizes Arjuna must have an idea of where the former dancer is being kept, so as her reward for the challenge, he yields and allows her access to the forbidden tower. Notably Arjuna mentions that the tradition of royalty marrying in their own caste is out of fashion.

Nyikara hid herself there because she felt unworthy of Puntadewa’s requited interest. She watches him in the library from her window and is occasionally visited by Arjuna. Despite Nacira’s plea the former dancer insists on remaining hidden until her death, not wanting to bother the crowned prince. Nacira has a dream of herself confessing to Puntadewa, and is alarmed by the idea of having romantic feelings for him. When she wakes, she acts on the original notion of uniting the two conflicted lovers and tricks Puntadewa into visiting the room at the top of the tower.

Nyikara appears the crowning ceremony, having been persuaded by the prince to leave her prison, and asks to join in the dance. They are both grateful to Nacira for her help, but have still decided not to get married. Nyikara says what gives her confidence during her performances is the thought of everyone’s smiles, and explains that though she loves Puntadewa, her love for the world is even greater, and she will thus be leaving the kingdom when she can.

Nacira gets the letter. Nyikara is implied to have left, though Werkudara doesn’t end up traveling the world. She’s thrilled about the prospect of staying at the castle, and in her excitement ultimately tells Puntadewa she loves him. The game ends, leaving their future to the clumsy hand of fanfiction writers everywhere.


Ask everyone about Puntadewa and


Be honest with him:

  • I will search for food.
  • Puntadewa is more interesting than the kitchen~
  • Directly ask about Nyikara.
  • Tell him the truth.
  • Ask Random Passersby

Good End #2: Guess Wrong — Werkudara


Age: 26 Height: 6’2 Weight: 172 lbs

Werkudara is a bit of a loner by nature and prefers an unrestrained life as a freelancer outside the castle. As the strongest and largest of the princes, he gets into fights often, though he is not unkind and can be playful towards Nacira. He has dreams of traveling the world.

x1 Chibi CG of Werkudara pointing towards the sky.

x1 Chibi CG of Werkudara complimenting Nakira.

x1 Ending CG of the two journeying together.

x1 Chibi CG of Nacira being “kidnapped.”


Everyone is silent when Nacira guesses Werkudara owns the box. He says it’s indeed true the box used to belong to him before it was gifted to Nyikara, but he is not the poem’s intended recipient. It actually contains items from Puntadewa. Werkudara admonishes him for continuing to deny the truth that Nyikara loved him the most. At Arjuna’s behest, the eldest brother sets off for the tower to convince his lover to come back. There is no actual punishment for losing the challenge. The twins go off to make madu mongso in celebration, and the brothers all seem to be in high spirits. Arjuna is deterred from flirting with Nacira further since Werkudara acts very protective of her. Once she and the prince are alone, they discuss the exciting prospect of their upcoming journey.

Nacira is friendly with everyone at the ceremony, though Werkudara is noticeably absent. Nyikara has come to the party and asks to do the Bedayana alongside Nacira. Werkudara shows up late, actually attending a social gathering for once, most likely to watch Nacira’s performance. While he does still have feelings for the old royal dancer, he is also elated to see her and Puntadewa doing so well. Before taking his seat, he tells Nacira she looks beautiful. The two women are nervous before their dance, but each pictures the prince she loves and is able to perform well.

This is the only ending where Puntadewa and Nyikara try to continue their relationship and where Nyikara is seen in the story and returns to her former life with the Pandawas. Nacira leaves a note of farewell and sets off with Werkudara to travel for many years. There’s no indication their relationship progressing beyond travel “partners.” Nacira loves the prince, but his possible feelings for her may be competing with those for Nyikara.


Ask everyone about Werkudara and


Act adventurous:

  • I have to help the big man
  • Something doesn’t feel right here.
  • I’ll go greet him.
  • Tell him about my special mission.
  • I’ll go with him.
  • Go after Werkudara.

Neutral End #1 Guess Wrong — Nakula


Age: 20 Height: 5’7 Weight: 132 lbs

The youngest of the Pandawas is a talented chef with a short temper. He is known to pull pranks, crack jokes, and start fights at the expense of others, often roping the docile Sadewa into his schemes. Still, Nakula doesn’t wish ill on anyone, and carries with him a delightfully childish spirit.

x1 Chibi CG of Nakula tasting the failed klepon.

x1 Chibi CG of Nakula patting Nacira on the head.

x1 Ending CG of yet another failed cooking session.


Nacira guesses the box was meant for Nakula, based on his childishness and cooking skills. They get in a fight over her reasoning until Werkudara interrupts them by slamming the table. Nakula opens the box to reveal pictures and letters from Puntadewa, to his brother’s surprise. Werkudara storms off out of jealousy.

As punishment, Arjuna asks to be left alone to talk to Puntadewa in private. Nacira wonders about their secrecy regarding the situation but doesn’t pursue the matter further. She goes to the kitchen and eats a batch of gethuk. Nakula discovers her in the act and forces her to spend the rest of the day learning the recipe.

At the ceremony, Nacira brushes Arjuna off, no longer impressed by his charms. She gets in another playful fight with Nakula, but Sadewa stops them quickly. Once they’re alone, the prince makes a comment to the effect that he feels unnoticed by her. He wishes her luck on her performance, and asks her not to make any “weird movements” during the dance. Take that as you will ;0 Nacira winks at him during the dance, and he buries his face in his hands in response.

On her final day, Nacira tries to escape without saying goodbye, but the Pandawas are waiting for her at the castle entrance. Though she guessed the wrong person, Arjuna tells her not to worry about failure so long as everyone seems happy. We all know you failed, though. We talk about you behind your back.

For whatever reason, Werkudara ends up canceling the trip. The twins insist she visit them again someday, preferably after having learned how to make proper klepon. Nacira returns years later, still unable to follow the recipe. In the ending CG Nyikara seems to be standing in the doorway, peering in on the scene, so it’s likely she came out of hiding to reprise her role as royal dancer after Nacira left.

It’s not specified if the two pursue a romantic relationship. Nakula’s comments towards the end insinuate he had some feelings for her, though Nacira never mentions returning those feelings unlike in the other storylines. Maybe it’s because their names are too similar.


Ask everyone about Nakula and


Get in fights with him:

  • Start to panic!
  • I won’t beg for food from my enemy.
  • Wait, this is impossible.
  • Perhaps the kitchen.

Neutral End #2: Guess Wrong — Sadewa


Age: 20 Height: 5’7 Weight: 132 lbs

Sadewa offers a calm and mature contrast to his younger twin. His passion is in gardening and herbs, which he often uses to treat Werkudara’s wounds. Sadewa is the wisest of the five brothers, gentle, affectionate, and easily embarrassed. The game’s official site poll reveals he’s the fan favorite.

x1 Chibi CG of looking out over the gardens from the hill.

x1 Chibi CG of Sadewa cupping Nacira’s face.

x1 Ending CG of Sadewa arriving at Nacira’s home.


Nacira ventures that Sadewa is the rightful owner of the box, though is uncertain because his relationship with Nyikara seems to be the only one that is entirely platonic. Sadewa is disappointed or at least confused by her answer, and opens the box to show Puntadewa’s items inside. Once Werkudara and the twins take off, Arjuna asks to be left alone with his elder brother, leaving the confused Nacira to occupy herself. The bruise from earlier starts acting up, so she sets off for the garden to ask for Sadewa’s help.

He’s concerned about the wound since Nacira has been fairly active, not giving it time to heal before her performance. Sadewa covers her leg with an herb. Similar to the Puntadewa ending, she blurts out that he’s cute when he’s very focused on a task, which is true, I mean, look at the guy. I would like a slice of that with jam on bread if you know what I mean. (I don’t know what I mean either.) Sadewa gets flustered but appreciates the comment. Both of them realize their feelings for each other, but rather than saying it aloud they converse in blushes and euphemisms. They conclude that the idea of love for another person causing one to blush warrants further investigation, causing Sadewa to remark, “The case is open.”

Arjuna gives up on the chase, leaving Nacira alone with Sadewa on the ceremony day. They exchange a few words and she’s encouraged by her feelings for him during the Bedayana. The next day, Nacira tries to depart unnoticed, but finds the brothers all waiting for her at the castle entrance. Werkudara has canceled his plans to travel. Nacira speaks with Sadewa one more time and bids the Pandawas farewell, promising her lover that they will meet again.

Years later, Nacira is working in the garden with her grandmother when Sadewa suddenly appears, calling out to her. She asks why he’s come to her and he responds, “because the case is still open…”


Ask everyone about Sadewa and


Show interest in him:

  • Ask what he’s doing.
  • Something good?
  • Talk to Sadewa.

Bad End: Guess Wrong — Arjuna


Age: 23 Height: 5’9 Weight: 137 lbs

Few women can resist the charms of this Don Juan. I am one of those women because he’s kind of a prick, if I’m being honest. Arjuna loves the thrill of courting and dazzling women, and is very physical and forward about his intentions, though he can get serious when need be.

x1 Chibi CG of Arjuna pinning Nacira to the wall.

x1 Chibi CG of Arjuna proposing.

x1 Ending CG of all the wives together.

x1 Chibi CG of Arjuna sparkling.

x1 Chibi CG of Nacira being carried princess style.


Nacira suggests Arjuna must be the recipient of the box, which is why he gave her the challenge. Puntadewa agrees that it seems the most likely, which causes Werkudara to storm out of the room. The box actually contains memorabilia from the eldest prince, who runs to the tower to convince Nyikara to come back. Once Nacira and Arjuna are alone, instead of issuing a punishment for losing the challenge, he asks her to marry him. Nacira faints in surprise, unable to answer.

By the day of the ceremony, she remains undecided. After all, Arjuna is the only one of the brothers rumored to be already married. She eventually gives in, not liking the social pressure she’s getting or wanting to disappoint the prince. He proposes to her again, but properly this time. Nacira’s performance goes well with her newfound confidence.

The next morning, Nacira’s role as substitute dancer has ended, and she prepares to move to Arjuna’s residence on the castle grounds. He walks her there and introduces her to Sembadra, his first wife. The house seems inviting enough but Nacira is starting to have doubts, and rightfully so, as more and more women appear and introduce themselves. Turns out Nacira’s not the second wife or even the third — she’s the thirty-ninth. She asks God if this is her punishment for failing the challenge, but on the bright side, think of all the crazy sleepovers they could have!

Investigation options:

Ask everyone about Arjuna and


Let him flirt with you:

  • Talk about my name.
  • He really is hiding something.
  • Reveal myself.
  • Don’t mind the blushing.
  • Go to my room.



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