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20 Best Custom Amiibos OF ALL TIME (Do Not Question!!)

At the behest of Tiny Husband, my Marth amiibo, I am making a post that’s more friendly to my amiibo readers. I’ve spent a whole lot of twenty minutes looking on the internet for friends for him. But since my bae is special, and yours might be too, I’m only compiling the most unique custom amiibos out there, and I now present them to you.

For amiibos who cannot speak English this post is also available in paw print.

20. Triangle

Wirt’s Pointed Hat
via ContraDorktions @ Etsy

Your Samus amiibo is nice, but it’s missing that je ne sais quoi. I know! Why don’t you try equipping this triangle? Knock knock, hello yes? Is this a place where cool people go? Because my name is Samus Aran and I am wearing a triangle on my head.

Materials: No protractors were harmed or used in the making of this triangle.

19. Limited Edition Rainbow Yoshi

Custom Rainbow Colored Yoshi Amiibo
via AmazingAmiibos @ Etsy

Sure, everyone and their brother’s heard of yellow, pink, black, white, and houndstooth Yoshis. But what about this bluish glitter gradient with pink shoes and muzzle and yellow eyelids Yoshi? This custom amiibo is even eco-friendly, as you can see by the flowers on the base. However, the designer is ONLY making ONE, so you’d better get it now because “there will never be a rainbow colored yoshi like this again.”

Materials: Glitter glue, eggs

18. “Cumin Step It Up”

via Alltheapplesdoubled @ Etsy

Head tentacles and dorsal fin fluttering in the summer breeze, this Sonic amiibo comes racing into your home and onto your television. Drawing inspiration from Wave 1 Link’s pee stick, Sonic is propped up at the crotch by a plastic rod jammed into the amiibo base, which also sports our spiky hero’s favorite catchphrase artfully engraved around the perimeter.

Materials: Marker, other marker, Crayola Model Magic

17. Oversized SSB Ring

The ORIGINAL Super Smash Bros Champion Belt for Amiibo
via dnhdesign @ Etsy

Show your friends who’s the true Smash champ with one of those paper bracelets you get at carnivals to show you paid for entry but it has the Smash logo on it. This is the ORIGINAL paper champ belt which costs $3, and no it doesn’t fit Little Mac either.

Materials: Literally just paper

16. Kawaii Lightyear

Buzz Light Year Megaman
via Wuzie @ Etsy

An exact replica of Toy Story’s money maker Buzz Lightyear, right down to the kawaii eyes. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror though before you buy an action figure of an action figure.

Materials: Leftover public relations people, Vocaloids

15. A Balanced Diet

White Turnip Miniature
via PaddywhacksEmporium @ Etsy

This is a turnip. It costs $12.

Materials: goddamn 14 karat gold apparently

14. Pikachu Housewife

Tinkerbell costume
via SharichuCrochets @ Etsy

Dress up your Pikachu like a giddy 1960’s housewife. If the wings are made of pipe cleaners and the rest is crochet, does that mean her hair is made of dress or her dress is made of hair?

Materials: Dandelions and a button

13. Dark Pit Amiibo Friend

Shadow the Hedgehog
via Amazing Amiibos @ Etsy

Shadow better be going fast if he wants to get all that gum off his shoes. This is the only Gumshoe Shadow that will ever be made, but it’s going to give you a sonic code, so be sure to only cherish it ironically so you don’t look like a LOSER, or whatever.

Materials: No less than 7 WIlly Wonka products, hairspray, discarded Hot Topic petticoat

12. Obama(???)

via edjkamiibo @ Ebay

Err… are we thinking of the same Obama? Anyway, be sure to add this plaintive clay man Kirby custom to your collection because the item listing also includes the buzzword PAPER MARIO and it comes in its very own America box.

Materials: Nail filings from an outsourced Chilean artist

11. They’re Eating Him!

Charizard onesie Pikachu
via Alltheapplesdoubled @ Etsy

I’m glad someone made an amiibo custom that really captures the struggle of Pikachu being eaten by a starfish. Also, I always thought onesies were like… a whole-body thing. That’s not my field of study though, so don’t quote me on it.

Materials: One deftly folded coupon

10. DIY Amiibo Single Stair Step

Amiibo 3 Figure Wall Display Stand
via Samuel Provenza Studio @ Etsy

This is a wall stand that fits three amiibos. It is also a box.

Materials: Actually based on a very complex alchemy recipe that has been since lost to history.

9. Oily Black Vinyl Peach Now w/Purple

Poison Peach
via NintendorkCorner @ Etsy

Some thoughtful Etsy denizen made a custom of my OC, the child of Princess Peach and Jack Skellington. She has darkness powers that could be used for evil, but Shadow the Hedgehog has taken her in as an apprentice to help her use them for good. Also she is a neopet! :)

Materials: The lost 5th graders who went to the third stall in the girls bathroom after school and never came back because it is haunted…………….

8. Alternate Career Sonic

Palette Swap Sonic
via ComplexCustomiizabo @ Etsy

This amiibo, and I’m not even kidding, is an ink-black Sonic the Hedgehog on an Easter egg hunt. He’s holding a peep and a lavender sprig and I have no idea what bizarre fever dream inspired this, but I guess it could be worse. It could have “hand crafted hair” in the description(!).

Material: Eau de Hallmark

7. Cask of Amontillado Amiibo

Grafitti Pikachu
via Originals Interactive Design @Esy

Though he may come from the heart of Missouri, U.S. of Acorns*, Pikachu is ready for the urban lifestyle. This kid is COVERED head to toe in “grafitti,” which they have in urban places (I saw on a tv once). The aluminum protector has been removed, so you can use this little guy without removing him from the resealed box. You know! So you can say you have a mint condition… wall… Pikachu? Were this pattern floor tiles I’d say you’ll FLOOR the competition but it’s a wall pattern, so I won’t. Wait, I just did! brb deleting blog

Materials: Cool backwards hats, Razor scooter

*see entry 12 if you don’t know what USA is

6. A Completely Different Pikachu

Resin Glitter Pikachu
via TiellaNicole @ Etsy

“Why does your Pikachu have SPECKS on it?” No, no, you are mistaken. You see, this is my Custom Resin Glitter Pikachu Amiibo. Opaque Pikachus are trinkets of the mortal plane… I have ascended to the Glitter Dimension. Perhaps more appropriately the same artist also does casts of sea ponies in glitter resin, but where do you even get a sea pony mold? … Or whatever. I don’t really know how this works. I’m actually just a temp guy.

Materials: Sea pony tears and provolone

5. Sonic on the Lam

Splattered Sonic
via NintendorkCorner @ Etsy

So the popular thing now is to cover your amiibos in random paint and call it a Splatoon crossover, but this Sonic has very clearly just murdered someone with an oxygen tank. You’re a kid now, you’re a squid now… and now you’re dead.

Materials: Remains of Unnamed Inkling Boy #45. The memorial service will be held on June 5th.

4. Amiibo Socks

Amiibo 2 Basketball Socks
via Foamcity @ Etsy

These are brand new Money Money basketball socks for you and your amiibo, enigmatically titled “Amiibo 2 Basketball Socks Area 72 Kobe Lebron Kd.” You’ll get two whole Money Money socks with this listing, one for you and one for your amiibo. And I’m just a blogger, but I’d guess that these socks will make you a star on the court, just like Kobe Lebron. The basketball player.

Materials: ?????

3. Just because things are things does not mean you should do them

via edjkamiibo @ Ebay


Materials: Select phrases from bad Slenderman x reader fanfiction

2. Just because things are things does not mean you should do them

Furby Kirby
via thecaptainwayne @ Ebay

“They kind of rhyme?” might sheepishly offer this item’s seller as explanation if you were to ask him what the hell he has done. Ok, so Kirby and Furby DO kind of rhyme. You win this round, Wayne, if that IS your real name. Unfortunately though the ultimate battle was lost. The listing ended with zero bids twice and now his account store is empty. It… it destroyed him.

Materials: no this cannot get remade

1. Some Kind of Chuckie Finster

Mega Man Retro Roto
via Jazwares @ Amazon

What the goddamn is this?! And why do I hate it so much? Looks like somebody misinterpreted “bring your kid to work day” as “let your kid spearhead a shitty looking toy line.” Look at this young man. He is a mess. Just why is he so happy and… eyebrow-less, and what is his purpose on this Earth? Their Ice Climbers amiibo is even worse.

This is what you look like when you play your Megaman main. You know who you are.

Materials: Rubber dreams

For those of you interested I’m keeping a running tab of all the amiibos I find on a Pinterest board.



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