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Summoner of Sounds: Music for Your Robots!

Here’s some music the current RMN event, Summoner of Sounds where you write music for prompts for people to use in their rpgs I guess. Man, this prompt nailed my ass to a wall! Last month’s topic was generic happy starter village which I didn’t have enough time to do an entry for but this month’s prompt jumped straight to ROBOTS!!11!! There was also a restriction on classical orchestra instruments but I was like nah I ain’t about that lyfe.

The album artwork is from the RMN Soundcloud… channel(?). I don’t know who did the picture but I think they’re commissioning people. You can donate money towards the event so they’ll pay artists for pictures to go with the prompts and I’m like, uh??? I think you’re missing the point???

Anyway this song is CC0 so use it and all its shortness in your robot RPG (your RRPG, if you will). To make up for a lapse in talent I covered the shit out of it in sci-fi sound effects from various sources, namely the Universe Bundle from SoundMorph, which samples their various robot-related free sound packs. Let me know if you want the version sans robot warfare sounds, in case you’re not working on a mecha RPG (which are a thing I guess?)

I used my brother’s Sennheiser headphones, which he was taking a break from on account of his jaw health problems, and I think I can see why. My poor sensitive musician eardrums couldn’t tolerate the things on 2% max speaker volume… owowow…

This was also my first run with TSE x50 on the Junk Guitar so let me know how you think it went I guess. The result sounds the same to me as my erstwhile shitty parade of free plugins but now it’s all in one tidy window and easy to use, which is what I wanted. It’s also got several packs’ worth of IRs for the cabinet and was presumably assembled by people who know more about electric guitars than I do, which is nothing. I’ve never played an electric anything since they’re not really instruments you borrow from your friends, unlike the wooden fish, the shareable party staple.

The TSE x50 interface. I used this plugin for my Summoner of Sounds entry!

More importantly, the latest build of Mixcraft 7 finally caught it up to where I assume other DAWs are in the realm of handling resource-hungry plugins, meaning most of the time CPU usage hovers around 1-4%, a nice contrast to the former 28-40% with the use of one heavy Kontakt patch. And two heavy Kontakt patches? You’re killing me kid. This really is the difference between being able to recommend Mixcraft to other people in good conscience, though.

After this I am going back to doing more music for Level 99 Games, so I might try sneaking around the online BattleCON community to aid in my quest. Lates, potates!



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