Let’s Read Fanfiction: Reader x Cheren

Going through my documents folder today, I uncovered an important digital relic: an unpublished Pokemon fanfiction read-through of a 2013 Reader x Cheren story. I hope you weren’t expecting anything important from me today, because here’s some years-old commentary I made on “Reports” by TheRavenGirl95 on DeviantArt.

Today Lenora and I were talking about some different types.

Grumpy, happy, sneezy, sleepy, alpha male, nerdy, Type-A personality, player, frat boy,

We were mostly talking about normal types

Oh like pokemon types

Since the gym was also a school, there would bad a lot of data to finish my report for Professor Juniper.

“I have learned that the normal type does nothing”

Since I had Eevee on my shoulder (easier for me this way but could be any small pokémon you want)

For you, baby? Eevee could be anything, as long as it’s not a different type though because I’m still studying the uselessness of normal type.

A group of kids came over to me and said, “That’s an Eevee, right, Ma’am?” a small blonde haired boy asked.

When did all you many children turn into one children? All this normal type must be blinding me with its perpetual emptiness.

I got to their level.

I tried to anyway.
Damn they were too good, though…

Eevee came down and went to sniff them.

“Boy, you stank!” cried Eevee. Eevee would not be anything for them.

It was around lunch so it was their lunch time.

That’s one way of deciding things, I guess.

Soon a teacher came out and said, “It’s time for class, little ones.”


“…Though before seeing Cheren I was hoping you’d help me out with something. Our trainer that was coming in today is sick. So could you help us out?” he asked.

I won’t specify what you’re helping us out with, but I will wiggle my eyebrows suggestively at you.

He was kind of cute in a sense but as I’ve come to lean the cute guys were usually taken.

Maybe it’s because you carry that attractive Eevee around.

“You see there’s the pokémon in the greenhouse and I use my pokémon to show the kids pokémon but it’s good to have verity. Right,” he said.

mom today I learned the pokemon show the pokemon from the pokemon Black’s pokemon was pokemonned up the pokemon and now I’m verité

“Yep. Cheren is also the Gym leader. I remember when he was just a nerdy little trainer,” he said. Soon a man hit him on the head. “Damn how’d you know I was talking about you?”

“I didn’t,” said the man. “I’m the bouncer, but there’s not much to do seeing as it’s an elementary school and plus you looked like you deserved it.”

He was really kind of cute. He wasn’t a nerdy little trainer like Black said. He actually looked like a cool and collective gym leader.

She doesn’t lean this one is taken because he is the love interest tho

I knew he was smart and strong to be a gym leader and to be in charge of the school.

Not if he’s normal type!

“Come on, we’ve been friends for like ever!” Black whined. Were these men really eighteen? I covered my mouth and then giggled. They both looked at me.


“Yep. So then Cheren, meet (Name). She will be subbing for our sick trainer and then she will be working on you with that report thing,” Black said.

I can already tell just looking at this report thing that there’s a lot of work to be done. We’ll probably have to run some diagnostics, install some driver updates, and at the very least do some kettlebell exercises.

Cheren cleared his throat. “Um, right. The report,” he said. “It’s on normal types so I’ll get some books on it.”

Cheren has all the normal type classics, like:

  • Mommy, Why Can’t I Be Super Effective?
  • Stab Them with STAB
  • Using Rest Until Your Opponent Gives Up: How I Lost All My Friends
  • Diet Fighting Type
  • Tooth and Nail: Tips from the Top Percentage of Rattata Trainers

He then left.

Oh shit did I get the bad ending?

“My. My. Little Cheren has a crush now does he? Well he does like (hair color) girls,” Black said.

which is refreshing because SO many guys these days prefer girls without a hair color.

There was a Stoutland that I really got so I liked.

I just… really get this Stoutland, you know?

“This is your Stoutland?” I asked.

“Yeah,” [Cheren] said sitting down beside me. “He seems to like you a lot.”

“Almost more than he likes me :[”

“I’ve always been popular with pokémon,” I said. “But with people not so much.”

I too seduce boys by telling them how unpopular I am

“So what about Gym leader?” I asked.

“That. Well it was supposed to be Black but he denied it. I was runner up so I’m still conflicted about it. What if I don’t do a good enough job? What if I disappoint my students and then they hate me?”

Thanks for the badge, Cheren! I’m so disappointed I hate you!!

Before he could say anything else I put my finger on his lips.

I don’t get why she’s unpopular. Nothing says FUN AND QUIRKY like putting your hands on the mouth of someone you just met.

“I know what you mean,” I said. “I do reports for Professor Juniper. I’m always afraid I’ll mess up and make a fool of me as well as her.”

My academic career’s still recovering from ‘A Fire Starter Case Study: Squirtle.’

He smiled. “I’ve read some of your reports. I use some of them in some of my classes. They are so detailed and interesting. I especially like the ones specified on one pokémon. How do you do it?”

Step 1: Forget that Squirtle’s a water type,

I giggled. “Then maybe after this report I could borrow you. I have to go and do a report on electric types, Galvantula and Joltik. If approached right they can be really sweet,” I said.

You need the right walk and the right pick-up line. Something that says “confident” but not “overbearing.”

After that we did our report. Cheren and I had a lot of fun while we worked. We got our report done and it was really informative.

BY ChereN and GirL pErson.

EEvEE iz CuTe she Is normal Type excePt When she Isn’t, see AppenDix A: GrapH.

Cheren and I went to Chargestone caves to do our report on Galvantula and Joltik. I was really excited for this. But was this a date? A date was when two people were alone together. We were going to be alone together.

Yeah, I’m running some preliminary calculations, and apparently I’ve dated my entire family?

“Well then we should get some data on them right?” He asked.

We went in Chargestone cave and got some data on them.


Projected Actual
Wingspan (mm) Transparent 9.3 × 1023 mph
Cheren y = .5arctan(x/2) + c Slightly cloudy.
Ppt formed? March 7th, 2013 Yes; BaSO4

It was extremely fun to just watch them but it was getting boring. So I went up to them with Cheren protesting. I went up to a Galvantula and it seemed hostile.

I was pointing a gun at it which is probably why.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you or your family,” I said.

I said, with a wink and a gun

“You do a lot of research but do you ever watch what you research in their natural habitat?” I asked.

“Not really,” he said. “I never had time.”

I mean it’s kind of tough to watch the inside of a PC box or a Pokeball

“Well you should do it more often. It’s a lot more fun that way,” I said.

But not extremely fun. Kind of boring actually.

“Why not?” I asked. “I have a lot of fun with you, Cheren. You made this a lot more fun than it usually is.” I smiled.

“What it’s not usually fun?” he asked.

I petted a Galvantula that was right beside me. It’s fur was so soft. “Well it is but I just get bored after awhile. That’s when I usually get up and close to them.”

Is it fun or isn’t it? Find out in the season finale tonight on FOX.

“My friends and family are alright with this. As for the non-existing boyfriend I think he’d be fine with it as well,” I said

Just making sure the report mentions how SINGLE I am right now

Then a Galvantula pushed me on top of Cheren. “Ahh,” I said.

“Ahh,” I said, slowly turning into a corncob

The Galvantula were migrating to a new spot. “C-Cheren, I know this is awkward but can you deal with it for awhile if we move the Galvantula might go crazy.”

Yeah, I knew I liked him for a while, but things didn’t really move along until we were forced into close contact by a migrating cluster of cave spiders.

He then cupped my cheek and kissed me. It was soft and gentle. It felt so good and right. I felt like little warm and like Pidove were in my stomach just fluttering like crazy.

Not yet, Pidoves! Only when he is fully under my spell may you burst forth and devour him!

“We will never get that repot done now will we?” I asked.

It’s probably best to leave it alone. After all, a watched repot never boils! *tap dances off stage*

“Probably not. We do have to wait until your legs wake up right?” he asked.

but her legs were in a coma

I smiled and then started kissing him again. Strait into each other’s mouths. This time I grabbed his cowlick and he kissed even harder. It was like he liked when people tugged it. Then again I liked for my hair to be tugged a little as well. So I knew where he was coming from.

Oh yeah? You like that when I yank your hair? Then how about the classic kinky INDIAN BURN, NIMROD? You just got sexed playground punk-style!



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