• Mutant v3Screenshot of Mutant by Crypton Future Media by Crypton Future Media (Windows)
    This Japanese freeware, by the developers behind Hatsune Miku, helps you organize your sound effects, loops, and samples in a database. Add folders, then play and tag your files right from the browser. The program shows waveforms and editable musical/sample data such as key, BPM, filetype, genre, instrument, etc. I use it to keep track of all the junk I download from Freesound and various free sfx packs. Mutant has been hosted at for years, but a 2017 redesign seems to have knocked it off the internet, and it looks like some missing js prevents downloads from the Wayback Machine archives too. Since Mutant has been a boon to me as a musician/audio editor, I’m posting the copy on my harddrive for you to download until the official one comes back.

Here’s some music I’ve done which can’t be found or downloaded on my Soundcloud, whether because it was part of a project, not suitable for upload, or generally just failed at life. Here you can get it for free!
  • The Dinosaur Piggy Bank Theme
    If there were ever a TV show about my dorky bachelor friend Will and his sentient flesh-eating stegosaurus piggy bank, this would be the theme song for it. I tried to get Will to sing his own verse but no such luck.


I get requests for stems strangely often which I usually can’t complete because I am a file-purging monster. I actually had to have someone send Nimbasa Core to me to upload to Soundcloud because I had deleted it from my computer. Multiple times. Sometimes I do have things lying around though, so they’re compiled into scraps you can use for your remixes here! Bear witness to my terrible mastering skills!

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  1. Graham


    Your dropbox link doesn't work anymore, any chance you could email me the file plz?

  2. Eduardo Patricio



    I couldn't find it anywhere...
    Thank you!

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