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Here you’ll find the majority of the fanfictions I have written in the past four or five years, as well as a list of those I am currently working on. The fanfictions are in no particular order so they may vary in quality based on when they were written or just because I suck sometimes. If you’re interested in my current WIP fanfictions I might link to the Google docs or do a Livestream of writing them because I like to read my bad stories to people and be silly!

Currently Writing


Drama Romance Ongoing TWEWY

It doesn’t occur to me yet to cry as my brain is very singular. It first studies a pair of hands which are becoming increasingly opaque. It twists the fingers around and looks at all of them, counts all of them objectively and with the curious and distanced interest of a scientist. It carefully ignores the fact it is attached to a cadaver. It uses these fading hands and secures a cell phone which shakes wildly because its body will not stop moving.

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Everything You Need to Know

Comedy Romance Incubating Smash Bros.

This was not how this was supposed to go at all. Men are supposed to compliment you and tickle your belly and feed you biscuits when you wear lingerie, wait shit I’m thinking of dogs. In any case there are very few related parties to a man from whom he is entitled to hide himself in the bathroom out of sheer terror; their boss is one, and possibly a stampeding buffalo is another, and while you had indeed been drafting several roleplay contracts which imagined you in these roles, Marth had not yet signed them so that explanation was off the table.


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Fanfiction, Regular

The 495th Watermelon Appreciation Festival

Comedy Touhou

“We accused the vampire of stealing something last week,” Marisa groaned. “I’m pretty sure she would have learned her lesson like a good Samaritan by now. Stealing is pretty serious business. I would never steal.”

“You dropped this,” said Youmu, handing her Utsuho’s cannon, which had just moments ago fallen from Marisa’s pantaloons. Marisa thanked her, before returning it to a burlap sack.

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depressing comfort love KomaedaxReader

Romance Short SDR2

She holds his hand down the stairs and through the hall and to the left, and he asks, do you think I’m worthless? to which she says no, and am I annoying, and she says uh-uh, not at all, and she sits him down at the table and gets a filter and grounds and starts to laugh.

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Neku and Joshua Go to the Beach and Stuff Happens

Romance Yaoi TWEWY


That was a hit below the belt. Shiki and Beat winced; they and Rhyme were watching every strike of the battle like it was a tennis match between an incompetent fifteen-year-old and a slightly less incompetent adult pretending to be a fifteen-year-old.

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My TF2 Storydoc

Comedy TF2


Sakana yelped like a stove-top tea kettle and ducked for cover pointlessly underneath the tub’s bubbles. “Go away!” she cried, the words indecipherable due to being underwater. Soldier turned with excitement to the fellow warriors.

“Y’see, boys? That’s how you tell if she’s a woman.” He folded his arms and smiled smugly.

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Comedy Short Super Smash Bros.

Saturdays at noon the Smash writing club is supposed to get together, but so far it’s just been the two of us, which is a problem never. In fact, my campaign for club president revolves around the memberbase being so close-knit and personal, because I intended to take the club in the direction of sex education, and everyone knows Marth is a tactile learner.

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A WreCk Story

Comedy Unfinished “WreCk”

“You don’t have any money, do you,” said TV Face. The reply was something slurred and sullen, and C looked like such a mess he decided to give the poor sucker what xe’d asked for anyway, because there were no other customers except the one other television-headed fellow who sat in the corner with an oafish grin, drawing carcitures, who didn’t actually buy anything either. He set a cup on the table faster than you can say foreclosure!

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5 Minutes Until She Dies

Romance Drama Durarara!!

“You’re not my boyfriend,” she said.

“No?” he asked, unhooking her clasp. “Then what am I? Your fiancé?”

The bra fell.

“No,” she replied. “You’re Izaya. I hope to god you’re not my fiancé because you’re a terrible one. And get your hands off my boobs because I’m still kind of drunk and this is not c-consensual.”

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My Doll

Romance Horror TF2

“I sort of snuck around your room a buncha times. I’ve never met a girl before. I wanted to know how they work.”

At any other time, she might have given him a clout to the head, but here she realized he said this out of real boyish curiosity. “Oh? How did everything seem in there?” she smirked.

“Weird,” he said with genuine fear in his face, eyebrows raised. “There weren’t even any baseball cards.”

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Drama .flow

She tries to imagine a sun in the sky, drifting across as the day begins to die, but the thoughts grow hazy. First it is a bright, lemon-colored ball, then the beetle eye of the nurse’s mask, then a reddish thing that smiles with one wide eye and large, pointed teeth that fascinate her. It is hard to get them looking quite right or sharp enough, so she scribbles it in again and again until the tip of the pencil goes dull and her numb hand, red and chafed, starts throbbing. She can never get it right.

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That He Smokes

Weird Short TF2

I know it’s not fair of me to judge him like this, because I know that once you start, and I know he started at the ripe age of twelve, the nicotine really gets to you, and you can’t stop unless you start using those patches or you’re really an iron-willed sort of person. Spy tells me he’s not an iron-willed sort of person, at least not about those things.

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Fanfiction, Terrible

Slad and Robin and They Fell in Love

Drama Unfinished Teen Titans

the titans were stunned… slade! “we have to stop him lets go titans!” starfired yelled and then the titans got into a position and started to attack. she (starfire) threw her bolts that were green at his face but he dodged them. cy-cy hit him with a powerful laser but he didn’t and it mist. ravem used her dark ness to becom a vampire and suck his blood, which beatst boy topped off by terning into a cat and attackin him while he was a cat, then he turned back human so he could kiss raymond.

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Dreamy Dreams in the Dreamyard

Romance Pokemon

The man crouched Down towards my Pokemon and began to speak to it. I quickly “go hell-bent for leather,” a cool phrase I just found in the thesaurus looking for a synonym for “ran,” which is a silly word only BABIES use in their kindergarten papers. I, for one; have more of a Mastery;; over, the English Language;.

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My Vampire Tattoo-Eyed Prince Mate With a Hammer

Romance .flow

Mr. orko was givien her a hard time so I decided I will kill hm after shool. This may surprise u but I am a vampire. I have been a vampire since I am born. My mother was a vampire and my father was not a vampire but bhe may have been a werewolf or sometin Idontknow but I am in a l ine of vampires successing to the vampire thron. I am the vampire prince you may not belief it to be true but it is true and not just the Thing of Fareytales.

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You can also read the collection of terrible stories about my friends here.

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