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Reviews of, unsolicited opinions on, and walkthroughs for indie games no one plays.

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  1. 20 Best Custom Amiibos OF ALL TIME (Do Not Question!!)

    Season 1, Episode 13 [REPEAT]: The top 20 amiibos in the steven universe gather for an ultimate SLAM DOWN, but Randy Orton appears around item seven and is giving Little Mac a run for his money! Can the Amiibo Fighters save Chrom’s failing restaurant business before Wario shuts it down, and will Luigi finally get asked to the big homecoming dance?

  2. Pigeon Game Hatoful Boyfriend Flaps and Flops

    The kind of humor you’d expect from a game about a human dating birds appears in short, mild bursts. The birds themselves aren’t actually the joke, and the universe pans out as though they were supposed to be humans but viewed through a birdoscope. They ride human scooters, read human books, and shoot human guns with neither opposable thumbs nor any sense of irony.