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Games that involve leveling up, turn-based fighting, quests of some sort, bosses, etc.

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  1. Most Fanmade Pokemon MMO’s Suck

    This week inspector detective officer person Plasterbrain investigates fanmade Pokemon MMO’s across the net — the good, the bad, and the Purugly. Lousy game design, shameless pay-to-win, and a fear of pineapples — plus the secret, seedy underbelly of online Poke-plagiarism.

  2. It’s OK If You Killed Everyone in Undertale

    Death in gaming is usually commonplace, and not just in explicitly violent titles like Call of Duty. Even most Nintendo protagonists send their enemies to the void. When Undertale gives us the chance to circumvent this behavior, are those in the minority who choose to kill regardless really morally reprehensible, compared to the many players who took this unique opportunity?