Who are you, Sue Snue?

peeblebonkI am plasterbrain! I am a kawaii musician-chan desu. I also write, play indie horror games, and occasionally get roped into voice acting. You might know me through my music somewhere and/or my work with Youtuber JelloApocalypse — he’s my brother and he sure sucks! You can email me at hello@plasterbrain.com or ask a question on my tumblr.

My real name is Erin, which is a pretty dumb name. It relies on one of the ugliest sounds in the English language, a fact I am reminded of whenever my immediate family uses the affectionate shortening Er (as in “It was an error to have a second child!”) or better yet Errrrr (as in “Put your daughter’s ashes in the urn.“). I always prefer to go by plaster or some variation thereof, and if you call me my actual name I am obligated to saw you in half.

Other things I would like to do: I’ve always wanted to try gyaru. Also, I’d like to be the kind of person who gets up and runs alone in the mornings in the crisp autumn breeze. Doesn’t that sound romantic? Unfortunately as I write this it is 4:40 am meaning I have yet to go to bed. Is night-owlness born, or is it thrust upon us?

I grew up a singer and a pianist with varying levels of quotation marks around those two words. However, qualifying as a “musician” through voice and piano is like being a soccer player whose tools of the trade indeed include a soccer ball, so I’m sorry if that’s not very interesting. I used to play the cello back in my glory days but gave it up for chorus upon entering high school.

When people ask me for similar artists based on my electronic pieces, I usually point them with great uncertainty towards Rainbow-Chan, Silkfloss, and Frou Frou, which is just Imogen Heap with more electric pianos. I really don’t know anyone else that writes like my brain does when it’s angry at a boy that may or may not actually exist.

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