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  1. What I’ve Been Working On — October 2018

    Generally my music life is split between commissions and a pile of proof-of-concept tracks. Occasionally I post these to my Patreon, but for the rest of my fans (all three of you), I thought I’d plug some of the game projects I’ve been doing soundtracks for recently!

  2. Finding and Using Music Samples

    Today’s question: “How do I take a sound I like and turn it into an instrument to use in one of those programs from the first tutorial you did? Do programs map these sound samples to different notes, or do I have to personally modify them and, if so, how?”

  3. How to Write Music for a Scene

    How do you take a scene or a prompt and translate it into a musical idea? The answer is you kinda don’t??? Or maybe I’m just lazy idk blogging is hard

  4. Computer Music Glossary

    Have you always wanted to try writing your own music, but don’t even know where to start learning more? This post has all the terminology and basics you need to start your journey into the land of DAWs, MIDIs, and VSTs.

  5. Q: Would you recommend Mixcraft 7?

    Skip asked if switching to Mixcraft from another DAW like Ableton or FL Studio is a good idea. Priced at a mere $89.95, Mixcraft is one of the cheapest — and most user-friendly — DAWs available. I have been using Mixcraft since Version 5 around 2011, and here’s my verdict!