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  1. Pom Gets Wi-Fi: The Tumblr RPG

    [notification type="alert-warning" close="true"]Banner: Pom shipping her yaoi otp in "Pom Gets Wi-Fi," by Me-Patra.[/notification]

    This week we review the popular new indie RPG Pom Gets Wi-Fi as well as the psycho puzzle…

  2. Akatsuki Slave Drivers: A novel

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Akatsuki took over the world, demanding routine virgin sacrifices to satisfy their ritualistic torture sessions, and when Sakura is chosen, she’s spared from the crop because Sasori is in love with her? Me neither! Fortunately, these two have, and they want to invite us along for the ride. Onward, into this smut-tastic fairyland of hypothetical strangeness!