It’s OK If You Killed Everyone in Undertale

Death in gaming is usually commonplace, and not just in explicitly violent titles like Call of Duty. Even most Nintendo protagonists send their enemies to the void. When Undertale gives us the chance to circumvent this behavior, are those in the minority who choose to kill regardless really morally reprehensible, compared to the many players who took this unique opportunity?

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Wikitables and Infoboxes for Mediawiki

An infobox is the helpful section of quick information about the subject of your wiki page usually shown in the top-right corner. Perhaps you’d like to try Wikia infoboxes on your own wiki, but you’re not sure how to get started. If you try perusing the source code of an existing infobox, especially one with inline styles, it probably looks like incomprehensible garbage. Don’t worry! Coding a basic infobox in wiki markup is as easy as 1-2-table! Edit: Now only valid for Mediawiki, not Wikia. I am cry.

Fran Bow Rocks!

The inhabitants of “Fran Bow’s” fantastic world are as companionable as a night-time romp with your stuffed animals — one of the game’s selling points is even the “50+ interactive unique characters with unique personalities.” Unique personalities!

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Alternate Crush Post: ARIMNAES EDITION

Edit: It’s come to my attention that this is a fairly high result up there on the Googles for the search “Arimnaes,” a fact at which I LOL HEARTILY. I have a confession to make; all of the crushes I am writing about in the sister post to this are made up people, and the […]

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