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  1. The Word of the Day is Infanticide!

    Ever wonder what it’d be like if you took that strange pregnant mother sequence out of Yume 2kki and turned it into an entire game? Well, good news, you creepy, creepy bastard, this post is for you!


    Arim has a major crush on the new guest principal, but she’s an adult and his dad is the police! Can his friends take the fall so Arim can pursue the girl of his dreams, or will Arim succumb to the prejudice around him?

  3. VorlorN™ Walkthrough

    Play as Donavin, the mysterious hooded traveller as he embarks on a journey through an ancient evil Citadel in a search for the power to change his lover’s fate. “VorlorN” is a free 2013 action-adventure game made in RPG Maker XP, and here’s how to beat it!

  4. Best Indie Game Music: Dreaming Mary Soundtrack by Trass

    "Dreaming Mary" is a tricky little VX Ace Lite game billed sarcastically as "story about a girl who opens doors and a man who’s very passionate about agriculture" by its creator. "Mary" recently sprung to popularity (though, of course, no where near to the extent of a certain foul-mouthed Pomeranian who must NOT BE NAMED) and has been praised for its lavish art style,  deep and obvious symbolism, vocals, and story.

    I love games which poorly attempt to disguise their hidden horror content as much as the next fat person, but since it's already been reviewed copiously, I thought I'd offer instead a brief  musical analysis on what I felt effectively emphasized the narrative, visuals, or gameplay.

    This commentary is, of course, intended for those who are familiar with the game. SPOILERS HO! (more…)